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Recrystallization of Impure Benzoic Acid September 30 2011 Chemical name MolecularPhysical Mol Wt g mpbp Density Solubility Hazards Structural AppearancegmL C Formula 20Benzoic Acid CHCOOH White needle12212 122351321 Sl HO vs Causes irritation of 65220 like crystals 2492 EtOH eth the eye skin faint pleasant ace s ace bz respiratory tract odorchl moderately flammablestthReferenceCRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics 91 ed 20102011 pp338 339 The Merck Index 14 ed 2006 p 1093To dissolve 45 mmol of benzoic acid at 95 C one would need 8081 mL of H2O 0045 mol CHCOOH X 12212 gmol X 1L680 g x 1000 mLL8081 mL of H2O 65 The presence of any impure substance will increase the melting range of benzoic acid A pure sample of benzoic acid should have a melting range of 2C or less This is because benzoic acid in its solid state takes the form of crystals When the sample of impure benzoic acid the contaminant may disrupt the lattice of otherwise pure benzoic acid crystals This often would weaken the intermolecular force holding the lattice together and often the lower limit of the melting range would decrease making the overall melting range broader than if it were a pure compoundFrom Jasperse C 2011 Melting Range wwwmnstateedujasperseChem355Melting20Rangedocpdf Retrieved September 25 2011 Cheryl E Lee SN 100191898
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