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Chapter 1

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CHEM 302
Michael Wheeler

10 PROBLEMS 1. 1 Fog formation A weather station reports T = 293 K, RH = 50% at sunset. Assuming that P H2O remains constant, by how much must the temperature drop over the course of the night in order for fog to form? 1. 2 Phase partitioning of water in cloud What is the mass concentration of water vapor (g H O2per m of air) in a liquid-water cloud at a temperature of 273 K? Considering that the liquid water mass concentration in a cloud ranges typically from 0.1 to 1 g liquid water per m of air, is most of the water in a cloud present as vapor or as liquid? 1. 3 The ozone layer Consider the following typical vertical profile of ozone3(O ) number densities measured over the United States. Ozone is produced in the stratosphere (10-50 km altitude) by photolysis of 2 and subsequent combination of O atoms with O 2chapter 10). The stratospheric O3layer protects life on Earth by absorbing solar UV radiation and preventing this radiation from reaching the Earth’s surface. Fortunately, the O3layer is not in contact with the Earth’s surface; inhalation of O3is toxic to humans and plants, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has presently an air quality standard of 80 pp3v O not to be exceeded in surface air. z, km O 3rofile piecewise linear 40 approximation 25 10
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