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CHEM 313
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Chem 313, Problem Set #4, 2010 Problem 1. A) draw the chair conformation. B) draw the Fischer projection. C) Draw the Haworth projection of the major cyclic form. D) Convert the Zig-Zag projection into a Fischer projection. E) Convert the Reeves projection into a closed Fischer projection. F) Fill in the Fischer projection for L-Glucose and draw its cyclic form in a chair projection. G) Draw the Fischer projection for Beta-L-Glucofuranose and its respective Beta-furan Haworth configuration. A) B) C) CHO COOH OH OH O H HO OH OH O H HO HO H H H H OH OH O H O H OH CH 2 H CH OH D-Gulose alpha-D-Idose 2 D-Mannonic Acid F) D) E) O HO HO CH O H 2 O OH HO HO O H CH O H HO OH 2 (D/L?)-Tagatose alpha/beta?-D/L?-Glucofuranose L-Glucose G) Beta-L-Glucofuranose Problem 2. Provide the structure of the product of the following reactions: OH O NaBH HNO 3 4 HO OH OH OH ▯-D-allose O HNO 3 HO CH2OH NaBH 4 OH OH OH C
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