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COMM 292
Leah Sheppard

What is Organizational Behavior Chapter 1 DEFINING WHAT ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR ISOrganizational behaviorfield of study that looks at the impacts of individuals groups and structure have on behavior within organizationsBehaviorwhat people do in an organization and how they performApplied to jobs absenteeism turnover productivity motivation working in groups job satisfactionWhat Do We Mean by OrganizationOrganizationconsciously coordinated social unit composed of a group of people that functions on a relatively continuous basis to achieve a common goalOB is for EveryoneStudy of OB is not only for leaders and managersEmployees can play a more proactive role in achieving organizational successRoles of managers and employees are becoming blurredRelevant anywhere that people come together and share experiencesThe Importance of Interpersonal SkillsImportance of the role that an understanding of human behavior plays in determining organizational effectivenessDeveloping interpersonal skillsclosely tied to need for organizations to get and keep highperforming employees who are always in short supplyReputations as good places to workbig advantagecan result in superior financial performanceWages and benefitsnot main reason people like their jobs o Quality of employees job and supportiveness of the work environmentwhat keeps people aroundTechnical skillsnecessary but not enough to succeed
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