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Comm 292: Organizational Behaviour Textbook notes

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COMM 292
Angela Kelleher

COMMERCE 292 ORGANIZATION BEHAVIOUR NOTESChapter 1DEFINING OBOB field of study that looks at the impact that indies groups and structure have on behavior within organizations o Applied to jobs absenteeism turnover productivity motivation working in groups and job satisfactionBehaviour what people do and how they performOrganization consciously coordinated social unit that functions on a relatively continuous basis to achieve a common goalsTODAYS CHALLENGES Indie level challengesWorking w others personality perception values and attitudesHow to behave ethically in face of competing demands from diff stakeholdersJob satisfactionbetter productivity avoid absenteeism and turnoverMotivation recognitionEmpowerment becoming a coach adviser sponsor facilitator vs boss involving workers in decision making handing out responsibility Ethical behaviour study of moral valuesprinciples do the right thingGroup level challengesWorking w others developing interpersonal skillsDiversity variety in race gender ethnicity sexual orientation age generationsOrganization level challengesUsing temp employees part time on call short term day labourersImproving quality and productivity achieves its goals by transferring inputs to outputs at the lowest costProductivity efficiency and effectivenessOrganizational citizenship behaviour no part of job description but effectiveHelping employees balance work and lifeCreating positive work environmentGlobal competition ie USA in Canada Practices of successful orgsSecurity pay training hiring the right people value performance reviewsBUILDING BLOCKS OF OB Psych measureexplainchange humananimal behaviourSocial psych peoples influence on a nother Sociology social system in which indies fill their roles relative to envirocultureAnthro humans and their activitiesRIGOUR OF OBConsistencies not the same but fundamental consistencies ie rules COMMERCE 292 ORGANIZATION BEHAVIOUR NOTES Beyond common sense systematic study making reasonably accurate predictions scientific study looks at relationships attempting to attribute cause and effects based on scientific evidence o Fieldlabcasesurvey studies and meta analysisFew absolutes few universal principlesContingency approach depends on the situationCompeting values framework flexibility vs control and external vs internal focus o Helps identify some of the most useful skills o Acknowledges 2 dimensions inwardinternal employee needs outwardexternal factors like marketplace enviro gouvt reg changing techsocialenviro conditions in the future o Refers to competing demands of orgs to stay focused on what has been done in the past vs flexible in orientation and outlook CHAPTER 2PERCEPTIONProcess by which indies organize and interpret their impressions in order to give meaning to environmentsurroundingsAffected by personality motives interests past experiences expectationTargets characteristicsThe situation time of day environmentPERCEPTUAL ERRORS Attribution Theorywe observe atypical behaviour and try to understand it determine if it is due to an internal or external cuase o Distinctiveness indie acting similarly regardless of the situation o Consensus how and indies behave Compares w others in same situ o Consistency action repeated over timeFund Attri Error we underestimate ext influences and overest Int inflBias success claimed to be due to internal factors and failure bc external factors Selective perception distorts observation Halo effectdrawing a general impression of an indie based on single characteristic Contrast effectreaction to one person is influenced other people we recently encounter Projection tendency to attribute own characteristics to other people Stereotypingaka heuristics judgment shortcuts in decision making based on perception of a group generalizations resultprejudice unfounded dislike based on belonging to a stereotyped group Self fulfilling prophesypeople will try to validate their perceptions of realityexpectations influence on behaviourCOMMERCE 292 ORGANIZATION BEHAVIOUR NOTESPERSONALITYDef stable patterns of behaviour and consistent internal states determining how an indie reacts and interacts w others o Determined by heredity Physical gender temperament attractiveness reflexes energy level biological rhythmsGenetics explains 50 personality Does it change over a lifetime Big 5 modelFive factor model of personality scalerangeThey underlie all other and encompass the most sig variations in personality o Extraversion sociability talkativeness assertiveness o Agreeableness degree to which you are good natured cooperative trusting o Conscientiousness responsibility dependable persistent achievement oriented o Emotional Stability calm self confident secure o Openness to experience imagination artistically sensitive intellectualWHAT ATTRIBUTES INFLUENCE OB Core self evaluationPositive self evaluationeffective capable in controlNegative self evaluationdislike themselves question capabilities powerless MachiavellianismDegree to which you are pragmatic have emotional distance ends justifies meansHigh machmanipulate more persuaded less persuade othersGood sales people but consider ethical implications NarcissismArrogance selfimportance needs admiration and sense of entitlementTend to talk down to thosewho threaten them selfish exploitive less effective Self monitoringAbility to adjustadapt to external stimulated factorsHigh more likely to be high performers and become leaders Risk takingWillingness to take chancesLarge corpsmore risk than small entrepreneursEMOTIONSEmotions Intense feelings that are directed at someone or somethingMoods less intense emotions and lack contextual stimulusEmotional labour when an employee expresses organizationally desired emotions during interpersonal interactionsEmotional intelligence noncognitive skills capabilities and competencies that influence a persons ability to succeed in coping with enviro demands and pressures o Intuitive appeal street smarts and social intelligence are important o EI predicts things that matter high EIbetter performance on job o Biologically based ppl w neurological damage score lower o Too vague not clear and too broad o Cant be measured can there be right and wrong questions measures are diverse and cant be compared
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