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CP102Chapter 1Computers and Digital Basicsaverage american consumer owns 24 digital devicesscrollsmonks in middle agesscientific knowledgecollected during renaissance intelligence datacollected during cold warinformation ageunderlying technology based on digital electronicsdigital revolutionongoing process of social political economic change brought about by digital technologyeg computers internetoffers advantages requires adaptationstechnology driving digital revolution is based on digital electronics and idea that electrical signals can represent datanumbers words pictures musicsignificance of digitizationdigitizationprocess of converting text numbers sounds photos video into data that can be processed by digital devicesadvantagesthings such as books movies songs conversations documents and photos can be distilled down to common set of signals that dont require separate devices can be managed by single device or transmitted over a single set of communication linescreates versatility evolved through four phasesstarting with big expensive computersnow todays small inexpensive digital devicesdata processingdigital revolutionhistorians believe it began in 1980sengineers first built digital computers during WWIIfor breaking codes calculating missile trajectories1950scomputers were marketed for business applications ie payroll and inventory managementwhat was computing like years ago computers were huge complex and expensivelimited in numberseen in big corporationsoperated by trained technicians each computer required specialized softwaredid not involve keyboard
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