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Chapter 4

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Tracey Gurton

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Alyssa LeungSeptember 28 2010Theories of MotivationWHAT IS MOTIVATIONeffort of intensity direction and persistence a person exerts in reaching a goalintensity how HARD someone triesdirection WHERE someone wants to gois clear of itpersistence how LONG they can stick to their goalTheory Xnegativeemployees dont like to work and are controlled with punishments to achieve goals driven by extrinsic motivatorsTheory Ypositiveemployees like work and are self directed and controlled in achieving goalsdriven by intrinsic motivatorsINTRINSIC motivators personal factorsmotivated by personal DESIRE interest challenge rewards satisfaction rather than payEXTRINSIC motivators outside factors eg pay bonuses rewardsNEEDS THEORIES OF MOTIVATION pg 136NEEDS theories types of NEEDS that must be met to motivate workerspeople have NEEDS which will result in MOTIVATION when unsatisfiedMaslows Hierarchy of Needs Theoryfive needs within a personone level builds on the other 5 being at the topLowerorder satisfied externally1Physiologicalhunger thirst shelter sex2 Safetysecurity protection from physicalemotional harmHigherorder satisfied internally3 Socialaffection belongingness acceptance friendship4 Esteeminternal selfrespect autonomy achievement external status recognition attention5 Selfactualizationgrowth achieving ones potential selffulfillment becoming
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