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Chapter 6

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University of British Columbia
COMM 292
Tracey Gurton

Alyssa LeungSeptember 23 2010Groups and TeamworkTeams vs Groups Whats the Differencegroup two or more people with a common relationshipTeama group of people with common skills who are committed for the same purposegoalhold themselves and each other accountableshare LEADERSHIP and ACCOUNTABILITYa team has a PURPOSEMISSIONworks to solve problems effectiveness is based on the teams goals not individual accomplishmentsWhy Have Teams Become So Popularemployee talents are used more efficientlymore flexible and responsive to changing events compared to traditional departmentsassemble deploy refocus disbandmore MOTIVATIONALTypes of Teams1Problem Solving processimprovement5 to 12 employeesfind ways to improve quality efficiency and work environmentplanning teams task forces committeeshardly given authority to actually implement their ideas2SelfManaged selfdirected10 to 15 employeesemployees now have more responsibilities and have interdependent jobseg planningscheduling work taking action on problemsoften perform better than teams with appointed leaderscan result in absenteeism and turnover rates3CrossFunctional projectemployees at the same level but from different work areas eg HR finance etceach member is to contribute knowledge from their OWN fieldtask forces temporary crossfunctional teamscommittees members from different departmentseg CPR uses cf teams to cut costsnot easy to managecope with diversitySkunkworkscf teams that create new products or work on complex problemshightechsheltered so wont be watched
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