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Chapter 8

OB Ch.8 (c) Alyssa Leung

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COMM 292
Tracey Gurton

Alyssa LeungNovember 16 2010Ch 8Power and PoliticsA DEFINITION OF POWERpower a capacity that A has to influence the behaviour of B so that B acts in accordance with As wishespotential for power if someone is DEPENDENT on anothersomeone can have power and not impose itthe more B depends on A the more power A haspower depends on the IMPORTANCE that B places on the alternative that A controlsBASES OF POWERCoercive Powercoercive power power that is based on fearfear of negative results if one fails to comply with the power baseapplication of physical sanctions infliction of pain restriction of movement controlling by force of basic physiological or safety needsmost often used and difficult to controleg businesses rely upon the control of economic resources to request tax reductionsA has coercive power over B if A can dismiss suspend of demote B assuming B values hisher jobReward Powerreward power power that achieves compliance based on the ability to distribute rewards that others view as valuatepositive benefitsanything that another person valuesorganizationalmoney favourable performance appraisals promotions interesting work assignments preferred work shifts or sales territoriesLegitimate Powerlegitimate power power that a person receives as a result of hisher position in the formal hierarchy of an organizationacceptance by members of an organization of the authority of a positioneg teachers comply with school principalsExpert Powerexpert power influence based on special skills or knowledgeone of the most powerful sources of influencethe world is more technologically orientedeg follow advice doctor givesyoung people may find to have more power in workplace as they have more knowledge in technology than their Baby Boomer managersindividuals may withhold information to protect their powerresult in poorquality performance by those who NEED this informationReferent Powerreferent power influence based on possession by an individual of desirable resources or personal traitsadmiration of another and a desire to be like that personthat person will have power of youeg coaches teachersreason why celebrities are paid millions ofto sell certain productsInformation Powerinformation power power that comes from access to and control over informationpeople who have dataknowledge that others need will have power over them dependenceeg managers use information privileged sales cost salary profit to control subordinates behaviourEvaluating the Bases of Powerpeople will respond in one of three waysiCommitment person is enthusiastic shows initiative and persistence in requestii Compliance goes along with requestminimal effort and little initiativeiii Resistance opposed to requestavoid by refusing stalling or arguingExhibit 83 pg 304DEPENDENCY THE KEY TO POWERThe General Dependency PostulateThe greater Bs dependency on A the greater the power A has over Bwhen A has something B needs but A alone has control B is dependent on A therefore A has power over Bdependency is inversely proportional to alternative sources of supplyif something is plentiful possession of it will not increase powereg organizations develop multiple suppliers rather than give their business to only one
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