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COMM 292

PART 1 UNDERSTANDING THE WORKPLACEChapter 1 What Is Organizational BehaviorDEFINING OBorganizational behaviourfield of study that investigates impact of individuals groups and structure on behaviour what ppl do attitudes how they perform within organizationsoften applied to absenteeism turnover productivity job satisfaction motivationis for everyone eg roles of managersemployees becoming blurred bc managers increasingly asking employees to make decisions not simply follow orders applies equally well to all situations where you interact w othersorganizationconsciously coordinated social unit compose of group of ppl that functions on a relatively continuous basis to achieve a common goalset of goalseg church school hospital retail store nonprofitforprofit businesses employ10 ppl75 of Can markplaceTODAYS CHALLENGES IN CANADIAN WORKPLACEOrganization individual levelgroup levelorganization systems levelChallengesIndividual Level that influence behaviourIndividual Personality characteristics perception values attitudesDifferences eg ICRs employees had drug dependencies that affected their productivityJob SatisfactionSatisfied employees more productive than dissatisfied employees negatively related to absenteeism turnover very costlyMotivationRewards to motivate employees who do not feel they get fair rewards for their workEmpowerment giving employees more responsibility for what they domanagers being asked to share more of their powerempowering employees who are learning how to make appropriate decisionseg selfmanaged teams employees operate wo managers 1990sBehaving In a world characterized by cutbacks expectations of inc worker Ethicallyproductivitytough competition in market employees feel pressured to cut corners break rules engage in questionable ethicsstudy of practicesmoral values or Organizations that encourage ethical climate in the face of principles that guide our beaviourfinancial other pressuresoften do the right thing
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