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PART 3 INTERACTING EFFECTIVELYChapter 8 Power and Politicspowercapacity that A has to influence the behaviour of B so that B acts in accordance w As wishesif someone is dependent on anotherthere is potential for powerdependencyBs relationship to A when A possesses sth that B needs the more B depends on A the more power A has6 BASES OF POWER How does one get powerCoercivepower that is based on fearPowreact out of fear of ve results that might occur if fail to complyertreat of physical sanctions eg pain frustration thru restriction of movement controlling by force of basic physiologicalsafety needsmost often used most difficult to control dismiss suspend demote someone assign unpleasant work activities etcThe person can make things difficult for ppl and you want to avoid getting him angryRewardpower that achieves compliance based on ability to distribute rewards valuable to othersPowergo along w wishesdirectives of another if doing so produces ve benefitsdoes not have to be managermoney favourable performance appraisal promotion interesting work friendly colleagues important info preferred work shiftssales territoriesThe person is able to give special benefitsrewards to ppl and you find it advantageous to trade favours w himLegitimatepower that a person receives as a result of his position in the formal hierarchy of an orgPowerbroader than power to coerceinclude acceptance by members of org of authority of a positionprincipal bank president teacherThe person has the right considering his position and your job responsibilities to expect you to comply w legitimate requestsExpert influence based on expertise special skills knowledgePowerrelies on trust that all relevant info is given out honestlycompletelythe more info shared the less expert power a person has thus some ppl try to protect their power by withholding infodoctors computer specialists tax accountantsThe person has the experienceknowledge to earn your respect and you defer to his judgment in some mattersReferentinfluence based on possession by an individual of desirable resourcespersonal traitsPoweradmiration of anotherdesire to be like that person charismateachers coaches celebrities in advertisementsYou like the person and enjoy doing things for himInformationpower that comes from access tocontrol over infoPowermanagers access to privileged sales cost profit etc and use this info to1
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