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Chapter 9

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COMM 292

PART 3 INTERACTING EFFECTIVELYChapter 9 ConflictNegotiationCONFLICT DEFINEDconflictprocess that begins when one party perceives that another party has vely affected or is about stto sth that the 1 party cares aboutmust be perceived for it to existoppositionincompatibilitysome form of interaction btwn partiesfunctional conflictconstructive conflict that supports goals of the groupimproves its performance lower range of Conflict Intensity Continuumdysfunctional conflictdestructive conflict that hinders group performance higher range of Continuumsource of conflict is important factor CONFLICT INTENSITY CONTINUUMdetermining functionality of conflictsAnnihilatoryOvert efforts to destroy the other partycognitive conflicttaskorientedrelatedconflict Aggressive physical attacks to differences in perspectivesjudgmentsThreatsultimatumsidentifies potential solutions to problemsAssertive verbal attacksaffective conflictemotionalaimeda Overt questioningchallenging of othersperson rather than an issue dysfunctionalNo conflictMinor disagreementsmisunderstandingsSources of ConflictCommunicationsemantic difficulties misunderstandings noisepotential for conflict inc when too littlemuch communication takes placechannel for communicating can influence stimulating oppositionStructurelarger groupSize of groupmore specialized activitiesSpecialization in tasksyoung group members high turnoverComposition of group greater potential for conflictin defining where responsibility for actions lieJurisdictional Ambiguityambiguity inc intergroup fighting for control of resourcesterritory greater potential for conflictReward Systemswhen one members gain isanothers expenseperformance evaluation process when ppl feel unfairly treated when managers have diff ideas about employees responsibilitiesLeadership Styleif managers tightly controloversee work of employeeswhen groups seek diverse endsGoal Compatibility Diversity of Goals
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