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PART 2 STRIVING FOR PERFORMANCEChapter 4 Theories of MotivationWHAT IS MOTIVATIONmotivationintensity how hard a person tries direction persistence measure of how long a person can maintain his effort of effort a person shows in reaching a goalintensity needs to be in the right beneficial direction to lead to favourable performancelevel of motivation varies amongwithin individuals at diff timesTheory Xve assumption that employees dislike work will attempt to avoid itmust be coercedforced controlled or threatened w punishment to achieve goalsfavours extrinsic motivatormotivation that comes from outside the personpay bonus tangible rewardsTheory Yve assumption that employees like work are creative seek responsibilitywill exercise selfdirection and selfcontrol if theyre committed to the objectivesfavours intrinsic motivatorpersons internal desire to do sth due to interest challenge personal satisfaction individuals genuinely care about their work look for ways to improve energizedNEEDS THEORIES OF MOTIVATIONNeeds Theoriesdescribe types of needs that must be met to motivate individuals what motivates pplREMaslowsMASLOWPhysiologicalhunger thirst shelter sex bodily needsDLRAHierarchNOR ESafetysecurity protection from physicaly of TRXEemotional harmNeedsWEOTheoryLLSocialaffection belongingness acceptance ANfriendshipRETEsteeminternal selfrespect autonomy NI achievementREDexternal status recognition attentionROSelfgrowth achieving ones potential selfREActualizationfulfillmentHGI the drive to become what ones Hcapable of becomingindividual moves up the hierarchyno need is ever fully met but a substantially satisfied need no longer motivatestheory generally not validated provides no empirical evidenceindividuals attitude toward work determines his successfailure
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