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PART 4 SHARING THE ORGANIZATIONAL VISIONChapter 10 Organizational CultureOrganizational Culture pattern of shared values beliefs assumptions considered to be the appropriate way to think and act within an orgCulture is shared by members of the orghelps members of org solveunderstand the things that it encounters internallyexternallyBecause the assumptions beliefs and expectations that make up culture have worked over time orgs members believe they are valid taught to pl who join the orgThese assessments beliefs expectations strongly influence how ppl perceive think feel and behave within the orghigh turnover no challenging eventsmay not develop culturesLevels of Cultureartifactsaspects of an orgs culture that you see hear feel visiblebeliefsunderstandings of how objectsideas relate to each othervaluesstable longlasting beliefs about what is importantassumptionstakenforgranted notions of how sth should bemay cause difficulty conceiving of another way of doing thingsCharacteristics of Culture highlowInnovationRiskTakingdegree to which employees are encouraged to be innovativetake risksAttention to Detailemployees are expected to work w precision analysis attention to detailOutcome Orientationmanagement focuses on resultsoutcomes rather than on techniques and processes used to achieve these outcomesPeople Orientationmngmnt decisions consider effect of outcomes on ppl within the orgTeam Orientationwork activities are organized around teams rather than individualsAggressivenessppl are aggressivecompetitive rather than easygoingsupportiveStabilityorg activities emphasize maintaining the status quo in contrast to growthCultures Functionshas a boundarydefining role bc it creates distinction btwn one orgothers
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