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PART 3 INTERACTING EFFECTIVELYChapter 7 CommunicationTHE COMMUNICATION PROCESScommunicationtransfer and understanding of a msg btwn 2 or more pplproblems occur when sth disrupts the flow during encoding channel selection decoding or feedbackinteractiveiterative processsender must keep in mind the receiveraudience may decide to revisit decisions about msg etcThe Communication Process ModelEncodingDecodingencodingconverting a msg to symbolic formdecodinginterpreting a senders msg both influenced by 4 Factors Skill writing reading reasoning Attitude values beliefs affect interactions w others Knowledge affect clarity of msg Sociocultural system rank in hierarchyThe Messagemessagewhat is communicatedaffected bycode group of symbolscontent of msg itselfdecisions we make in selectingarranging both codescontentcan get lost in translation when 2 parties formalize their understanding thru contractswritten legal terms may not always capture underlying meaning of parties understandingsThe Channelchannelmedium thru which a msg travels can distort communication if poor one selectednoise level high Formal channels transmit msgs that pertain to jobrelated activities of members follow authority network within org Informal channels personalsocial msgseg formal memos voice mail email meetingscommunication apprehensionundue tensionanxiety about oralwritten communication or both
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