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COMM 296 - Class Marketing Research and Information Systems

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COMM 296
Tamar Milne

Chapter 9 Marketing Research and Information SystemsJan 2627 11MarketingComm 296Lo0 IntroUse Marketing ResearchTechniques and principles for systematically collecting recording analyzing and interpreting data that can aid decision makers involved in marketing goods services or ideasResearching the past and present to help judgement about the futureValues of Marketing ResearchHelps reduce uncertainty in current operationsHelps decision makingProvides information of environment for firmsAllows for customer orientation because strategies are built around customer inputfeedbackCan respond quickly to competitors because immediate environment is monitoredWho uses Marketing ResearchEVERYONECorporate and retailNotforprofitGovernmentPoliticsWhat message to present to each demographicLo1 How do marketers use information systems to create greater value for customersHow to gather marketing research MARKETING INFORMATION SYSTEM MkIS WhatSet of procedures and methods to apply to regular planned collection analysis and presentation of information that then can be used in marketing decisionsProvides a means to accumulate information internal and external to the organization to help managers make more informed decisionsExpensiveExample Overstockcom collects attributes during shopping sessions online to find out which incentives to offer customer at online checkout
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