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Chapter 4

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CHAPTER 4 Enterprise Computing ChallengesEnterprise Resource Planning 41 Enterprise Computing ChallengesIntroduction to survive enterprises must recognize technological changeschallenges carry out required organizational changeslearn to operate in an entirely different way stprimary changeschallenges org are focusing on in 21 century include innovation social entrepreneurship social networksvirtual worldsInnovation Finding New innovation intro of new equipmentmethodsinnovation drives the wheels of IT need to cut costs while still creating competitive advantage 6 Best Practices of Innovation 1Finding Your Relevant Edge 2Assemble Innovation Hothouses3Reward Risk Takers 4Celebrate Diversity 5Look Around 6Mix PractitionersDevelopers Social Entrepreneurship Going Greensocial responsibility implies that an entity has a responsibility to society corporate policy is a dimension of social responsibility that refers to position a firm takes on socialpolitical issues sustainable or green IT describes the manufacture management usedisposal of info technology in a way that minimizes damage to the environment critical part of corporate responsibility Energy Consumptioncorporate computings fast growing power consumption is a threat to operationsthe bottom line force companies to adopt green energy practices ex HPs Design for Environment programcompanies are adding equipment to keep up with surging computing needs forced to make substantial changes to curtail the leap in costs associateddata centres use 50 times the energy per square foot than an office does have to come up with new ways of cutting energy consumption
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