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Chapter 9

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COMM 310
Julie Kim

CHAPTER 9 Information Ethics Privacy and Security 91 Information Ethics and Information Privacy Introduction Ethics the principles and standards that guide our behaviour toward other peoplePrivacy the right to be left alone when you want to be to have control over your own personal possessions and not to be observed without your consent a main ingredient of trust a major barrier to the growth of ebusinessConfidentiality related to privacy the assurance that messages and information are available to only those who are authorized to view themInformation Ethics Regarding the ethical and moral issues arising from the development and use of information technologies and systemsAs well as the creation collection duplication distribution and processing of information itselfwith or without the aid of computer technologiesinfo systems individuals determine how to use infohow info affects theminfluenced by their ethics ideal goal for organizations is to make decisions that are both legalethicalinformation has no ethics falls on those who own the info to manage it ethically Information Ethics in the WorkplaceSystems that Dont Respect Human Dignity dehumanization of workers through intro of new info systems users are not challenged or they are forced not to think causing them to feel dehumanized sometimes IS are overly regimentedinflexible
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