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Chapter 7

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COMM 310
Julie Kim

CHAPTER 7 Databases and Data Warehouses Organizational Data and Information come at different levels formatsgranularities granularity extent of detail within the datainfo course granularityhighly summarized data or info fine granularity data or info that contains a great amount of detailemployees have to correlate different levels formatsgranularities of datainfo when making decisions The Value of Transactional DataAnalytical Info transactional data encompasses all data contained within a single business unit oprimary purpose is to support performing daily operational tasks oorganizations capturestore transactional data in databases use it when performing tasksrepetitive decisions analytical info encompasses all organizational infooprimary purpose is to support the performance of higherlevel analysis tasksThe Value of Timely DataInfo Timeliness is important foroSupporting faster and more effective decisionsoKeeping smaller inventoriesoOperating more efficientlyoTracking performance The definition and requirements for timeliness depends on the organizationsRealtime data and information is immediate andupto date a realtime system provides thisThe Value of Quality Data and Info business decisions are only as good as the quality of the datainfo used to make the decisions
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