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Chapter 2

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COMM 310
Julie Kim

CHAPTER 2 Decision Making and Business Processes 21 Decision Making and Information Systems Decision Making business need to be able to make decisions to operate thrive and surviveinformation systems are required to make sense of large amounts of information to enable this decision makingthis analysis must be done quickly and requires sophisticated techniquesthree typical levels in an organization each requiring different types of information to address decision makingOperationalemployees develop control and maintain core business activities required to run daytoday operationsManagerialemployees continuously evaluate company operations to hone the firms ability to identify adapt to and leverage change they allocate resources schedules plans budgets policies procedures and business objectivesStrategicmanagers develop overall business strategies goals and objectives as part of the companys strategic plan they monitor strategic performance of the organization and overall direction in the external environmentTransactional Data and Analytical InformationTransactional data the raw facts contained within a single business process or unit of work used by organizations when performing operational tasksAnalytical information summarized or aggregated transactional data its primary purpose is to support performing analysis tasks used when making important unexpected unusual decisions
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