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Case Brief - Pen-Bro Holdings Ltd. v. Demchuk – PARTNERSHIP.docx

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University of British Columbia
COMM 393
Patricia Mallia

PenBro Holdings Ltd v DemchukPARTNERSHIP FactsDonald Demchuk the father of Elvis Demchuk has been sued under a lease agreement signed by his son He wants that claim struck against him arguing that theres no basis for the action against him he had nothing to do with the lease it was in the name of his son alone Issues1 Is there a partnership between Donald Demchuk and Elvis Demchuk 2 Is there a joint venture between Donald Demchuk and his son 3 Is the father liable for payments under the lease Decisions1 There is no partnership 2 There is no joint venture 3 He is not liable Reason1 Donald Demchuk agreed to provide financing and lease to his son the equipment he purchased from the bank There is no intention to share in the profits as regular monthly payments are to be made No evidence of an express or implied partnership agreement no evidence that Donald Demchuk himself represented or knowingly permitted himself to be represented as a part
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