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Case Brief - Challenor (c.o.b. Lawtech) v Nucleus Financial Network Inc – CORPORATION.docx

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University of British Columbia
COMM 393
Patricia Mallia

Challenor cob Lawtech v Nucleus Financial Network IncCORPORATION Facts Plaintiff carries business of supplying consultancy services for computer software and systems engaged by Softek to provide services of verbal agreement In course of providing services Nucleus formed and assumed assets and undertaking of Softek Defendant Tricaster is private investment firm held majority of shares in Nucleus at all times Verbal agreement to provide same consulting services as independent contractor that she did with Softek Plaintiffs invoices stthpaid up to Dec 1 2001 Continued providing services until 15 of Mar 2002 Plaintiff obtained summary judgment for outstanding debt against Nucleus IssuesWhether plaintiff can obtain payment from Tricaster of its claim against Nucleus on basis of 1 Can the corporate veil of Nucleus be pierced so as to fix liability for Nucleus obligations on Tricaster or2 Is there an implied partnership existing between Nucleus and Tricaster in relation to the undertaking for which the plaintiff has supplied services Decisions1 No Tricaster is not liable for Nucleus obligationsno evidence of fraud 2 There is not an implied partnership existing between Nucleus and Tricaster R
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