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Chapter 1

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COMM 410
Tom Knight

Chapter 1The strategic Role of Human Resources ManagementHRM human resource management refers to the management of people in organizations The goal of HRM is to11 Attract the best qualified applicants to an organization2Engage employees to fully commit skills abilities and energy to the organization and to their jobs3Maximize employees contributions in order to achieve optimal productivity and effectiveness while attaining individual objectives such as having a challenging job and obtaining recognition and societal objectives such as legal compliance and social responsibility and4Retain employee so they are not temped to leave the organization in pursuit of more lucrative employment opportunities Strategic human resources management the linking of HRM with strategic goals and objectives in order to improve business performance and develop an organizational culture that fosters innovation and flexibility Strategic HR recognizes an HR departments partnership role in the strategic planning process HR strategies refers to specific HR actions a company might use to achieve its strategic objectives Organization size and complexity are generally major factors in a senior management teams decision to develop an HR department As an organization grows managing human resources effectively and ensuring legal compliance become more of a challenge and thus the benefits of delegating some of the HRM tasks to a separate HR department are generally seen to exceed the costs of establishing such an entity The primary role of the HR department is to create a working environment that is conductive to engagement collaboration strong employeremployee relations and maximum productivity and that empowers employees to exercise to their full potential Required professional capabilityContribute to an environment that fosters effective working relationships HR department staff members are involved in five distinct types of activities serving as an integral organizational consultant and strategic change agent supporting employees formulating policies and procedures Championing initiatives to attract engage and retain employees and monitoring to ensure compliance Serving as Internal Organizational Consultant and Strategic Change AgentOffer advice to senior management and managers of other departments
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