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Earth and Ocean Sciences
EOSC 114
Leah May Ver

EOSC 114: Fragile Systems Learning Goals 1. Explain what density is and how it relates to - Density: mass/volume. How much mass fits in a stratification. space. - Stratification is layering of materials, where less dense materials are on top, more dense on bottom. 2. Explain why disaster scales are based on the - disasters cover a large range of damage, so to Order-of-Magnitude concept and interpret graphs cover them all with a reasonable scale system, use with logarithmic scales. ratios (order of magnitude). 3. Relate natural-disaster risk and intensity to - Intensity is inversely proportional to frequency and frequency, return period, and consequences return period (more intense = less frequent); (costs). proportional to consequence and risk (more intense = more damage) 4. Explain how recent disasters were associated - hurricanes  sensible heat of sun evaporates with the concentration or dilution of energy. water, warm air rises, accumulates in hurricane - earthquakesafter long term buildup, PE is diluted quickly into KE, heat, etc. 5. Get the disaster info you need from reliable sources. 6. List the 1st and 2nd most common elements in Earth Core: 1. iron 2. nickel the Earth, ocean, and atmosphere. Earth Crust: 1. oxygen 2. silicon Ocean: 1. oxygen 2. hydrogen Atmosphere:1. Nitrogen 2. Oxygen 7. Describe how viscosity and compressibility relate Viscosity: how much fluid can resist changing to the phase of matter. shape, flow Compressibility: compressing = liquid = solid 8. Be able to diagnose the type of strain by the way Ela
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