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University of British Columbia
Earth and Ocean Sciences
EOSC 114
Rebecca Todd

A Global and Canadian Outlook on Natural Disasters2014911817Natural Disasters and Natural HazardsNatural disastersExtreme natural events in which a large amount of energy is released in a short time Usually involves Large deathsDisruption to societyLarge economic lossesCalls for exterior help Natural hazardsBecomes natural disasters when they intersect with vulnerable communities Natural hazards are inevitable but natural disasters are not Frequency Return period and Magnitude FrequencyThe number of occurrences in a given length of time Return periodThe length of time between similar events Frequency1Period Frequency and period should not be used for forecasting measuresMagnitude The amount of energy fuelling a natural event Worldwide TrendsThe number of great natural disaster is increasing with time015 with an average of nearly five Due to human population more than doubling Natural hazardsGeological hazardsEarthquakes tsunami and volcanoesWeatherrelated hazards increase in timeStorms floods heatwaves droughts and wildfiresThe number of humanmade disasters has been decreasing in recent years Manmade disastersUrban fires explosions aviation airplanes maritime disasters mining accidents social unrest terrorismDeclined due to safety awareness The number of natural disaster deaths is increasing with time19802010 increase in natural disastersWhere humans are concentrated disasters kill man more people during each highenergy eventEconomic losses from natural disasters are increasing with timeMore than damage structuresIndustries and businesses knocked downlosses in productivitywages for employees Developed countries experience larger economic losses and fewer deaths The Canadian Perspective The number of natural disasters in Canada is increasingGeological disasters remain stableWeatherrelated disasters increase Closely related to population growth Media influence The number of natural disaster fatalities in Canada is decreasing Three major disaster are biological originReason for decrease in deathsImproved engineeringLongterm prevention Extensive disaster education Better warning systemsRapid intervention In Canada economic losses are mostly due to weatherrelated disasters The impact of geological disasters are underrepresented Vulnerability and RiskVulnerabilityLikelihood that a community will suffer Deaths and physical damageRiskThe product of vulnerability and hazard RiskVulnerability x HazardPopulation growthPopulation growth closely linked to the increase of life and economic loss related to natural disasters World populationMore than 7 billion Population growth12 a year Carrying capacityMaximum population size that can be supported under a given set of environmental conditionsAsia is at high risk from natural disastersHigh population densityHigh frequency of catastrophic geological eventsLive close to active volcanoes and earthquake prone areasOverreliance on technologyFailure of network can cascade in a dangerous domino effect Poverty and affluencePoor countriesCannot invest in longterm solutions that would decrease deathsRich countriesDeaths due to avalanches in CanadarisingSocial behaviour Frequency lowpeople forgetNeglecting important plans home emergency kit How do Canadians prepare for natural disastersCanadian emergency managementPublic Safety CanadaNatural disastersTechnological failuresThreats to public healthTerrorism Four pillars of emergency management ResponseThe actions taken immediately after an emergency RecoveryGet the situation back to normalMitigation Reduce riskPreparedness Plan for disastersput in places the resources
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