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Ch 4 - Summary

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University of British Columbia
ENGL 112
Kim Trainor

Summary Chapter 4  Need to examine citation in order to understand summary  Cited statements = tiny summaries  Summarizing – bringing to the page the voices you read 4A. Noting for Gist  Write as we read  Noting what we predict should be remembered in preparation for writing  By doing just this, we might miss an opportunity to get a better picture of the original and eliminate details 4B. Recording Levels  Abstraction – cutting across the high levels of generality  Ex.: Prohibition – a word for an idea or concept – cannot “touch” but only experience being prohibited from doing something  Breaking down a paragraph: General level  less general level  more specific level  Create a diagram to trace the shifts in levels of generality  Tree diagram – deliberately ignores the process of the passage, and just shows the overall organization of generality and detail 4C. Using Gist and Levels of Generality to Write Summary  The summary should: o Attribute statements as originating with another writer o Characterizes the action of the original o Describes the development of the discussion  Including select details allows a reader to understand the abstractions  Help generalities remember their origins (details)  Why writer is able to take position in relation to origi
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