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Ch 7 - Definition

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University of British Columbia
ENGL 112
Kim Trainor

Definition Chapter 7 It is not only the writers who take a position in the research community, but so do the readers. Definition and apposition – means of negotiating the space between academic writers and their main readers (other researchers) Definition  Informing the uninformed  Confirms common ground for readers  Goal: corroborating and engaging what the informed reader already knows, involving this established knowledge in developing a discussion 7A. Dictionaries  Writers of dictionaries describe what the meaning of the word already is  describe how people use a word  Community of speakers who use the world is the source of its meaning o Negotiated word meanings: the conditions under which a word can be efficiently used 7B. Appositions  By using appositives or appositions, the summarizer recognizes the position of the readers and their possible unfamiliarity with the term  Implicitly suggests that the term is specialized and limited in distribution  Demonstrates a respect for the complex
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