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Chapter 8

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Maria Weatherby

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Chapter 8 Social and Personality Development in Early ChildhoodI Theories of Social and Personality DevelopmentA Psychoanalytic PerspectivesOptional Reading Not on ExamsB SocialCognitive Perspectives1Define the viewpoint held by SocialCognitive TheoriesSocialCognitive Theories assume that social and emotional changes in the child are the result of the enormous growth in cognitive abilities that happens during the preschool years i Person Perception2a Define person perceptionPerson Perceptionthe ability to classify others according to categories such as age gender and race b Why are preschoolers observations and categorizations of people inconsistentFor example a playmate they judge to be nice one day may be referred to as mean the next This inconsistency is because preschoolers tend to base their peers on their most recent interaction c Define the crossrace effect and age when it is establishedCrossRace Effecta phenomenon in which individuals are more likely to remember the faces of people of their own race than those of people of a different race ii Understanding Rule Categories3a What is the difference between social conventions and moral rules Social Conventions are rules that have nothing to do with our fundamental sense of right and wrong Most are us are not troubled when the rules are violated and take a dim view of people who are bothered by such rules Moral Rules are rules that break the basis of morality stealing People have low tolerance for people who break these rules b When do children appear to understand this differenceChildren appear to understand the difference between social conventions and moral rules when they are between the ages of 2 and 3
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