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Food, Nutrition and Health
FNH 200
Nooshin Alizadeh- Pasdar

MODULE 11: Effects of Food Processing Operations on Nutrient Retention in Foods Effects of Preservation Practices on Nutrient Content of Foods - food preservation: prevent normal spoilage of perishable foods with max retention of food quality (aesthetics, nutritional properties) - rate of deterioration depends on several factors (light, oxygen, temperature, pH, etc.) - true that nutrients are lost during processing of foods; however, methods that favor max retention of aesthetic attributes also favor retention of nutrients - most cases, significant proportion of nutrients retained after processing - loss of some nutrients during processing better than losing 100% nutrients when food spoiled - nutrient loss also occurs outside of processing, during normal storage in fridges, cooking  extent of nutrient loss depends on :  Specific nutrients - chemical and physical properties (eg. Water/fat soluble? Double bonds)  Properties of food - solid of liquid; acidity; moisture; chemical composition; food additives; preservatives  Processing methods and conditions - type of processing (thermal, low temp, dehydration, etc.) - severity of process (eg. Blanching vs. pasteurization vs. commercial sterilization) and exact conditions  Storage - e
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