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University of British Columbia
Food, Nutrition and Health
FNH 200
Nooshin Alizadeh- Pasdar

MODULE 13: Trends in Food for Nutrition and Health Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals - often used interchangeably but have different definitions - refer to foods with positive impact on health, physical performance, state of mind, in addition to nutritive value - Japan first to use term “functional foods” => FOSHU (food for specific health use) - FOSHU = processed foods containing ingredients that aid specific bodily functions in addition to being nutritious - over 100 approved FOSHU; Japan world leader in development of functional foods  3 conditions for functional food: o Must be a food (not capsule, tablet, power) derived from naturally occurring ingredients o Can and should be consumed as part of daily diet o Serve function in regulating particular body process when ingested (defense mechanism, prevention/recovery from specific disease, slow aging, control of physical/mental conditions)  Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare: 12 broad classes of health enhancing ingredients o Dietary fiber o Oligosaccharides o Sugar alcohols o Amino acids, peptides, proteins o Glycosides o Alcohols o Vitamins o Lactic acid bacteria o Minerals o Polyunsaturated fatty acids o Phytochemicals, antioxidants Definitions in Canada - Bureau of Nutritional Sciences of Food Directorate of Health Canada definitions:  Nutraceutical = product isolated or purified from foods generally sold in medicinal forms not usually associated with food; have physiological benefit or provide protection against chronic disease Ex) omega-3 fatty acid supplements (tablets) at pharmacies  Functional food = similar in appearance to, or may be, conventional food; consumed as part of usual diet; have physiological benefits and/or reduce risk of chronic disease beyond basic nutritional function
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