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University of British Columbia
LING 100
Martina Wiltschko

Language defines identity “We see and understand things not as they are but as we are.” Language is the system of communication between human being, used to express one’s idea. Language could be in different forms. Language is a part of culture. With different cultural background, people think different. Culture is like the big environment around a person, and environment could significantly affect one’s behavior and one’s way of thinking. People usually think in a certain language. The way of thinking and one’s perception could be hugely influenced by language. Language could be seen as a tool or a way to express one’s thought. However, as language develops, people start to think in the system of language. Thought could be hugely dependant on language. Humans are active responders to information, we do not just passively respond to stimuli in the environment. We receive information using our sense perception, and we communicate the knowledge using language. They both plays significant role in acquiring knowledge. In my opinion, language plays a bigger role than our senses. We acquire knowledge through our sense, but our senses could be very limited. By the use of language, we are able to communicate and understand new information. However, this could be just one perspective of looking at this two ways of knowing and how humans acquire knowledge. Under other depiction of the question, the idea of knowing could be markedly different. •  in. Language is something that humans have used almostd we live since the beginning. It is combination of sound that is used to communicate between people one of the fundamental parts of a community. It is something that is incredibly important to us. Our language allows us to do many things. We use it to express our thoughts, connect with others and also for our knowledge. In these ways, language makes things a lot easier for us in facilitating our thoughts and helping to develop them as well. In fa
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