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PHIL 334
Catherine Ortner

PHIL 334Third Assignment Topic BJayde JessomeMarino argues that in some instances sexual objectification can be morally acceptable but that this is notas Nussbaum has suggesteddependent on the context of a relationship Thus it is not symmetry intimacy and mutuality which render sexual objectification benign Rather it is respect for autonomy and consent which negate the reputation of sexual 1objectification as morally problematic Furthermore Marino suggests that the concept of consent is influenced by the background political and social context and that such consent can 2only be genuine if this context is one of equality and respectMarinos idea that consent can only be genuine in the presence of background political and social equality and respect is an attempt to unpack the previously mentioned assumptions of Nussbaum Nussbaum has suggested that sexual objectification is morally acceptable in a symmetric intimate mutual relationship It is for this reason Nussbaum argues that the objectification found in pornography and prostitution for example are morally problem
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