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Political Science
POLI 101
Daniel Drugge

Chapter 4: Freedom and Justice Constraints of Freedom: - freedom is the absence of constraints Non Democratic Government - What the correlation between freedom and democracy? - How far does government interfere with us? Physical Coercion - Examples: Imprisonment and slavery - constrain of freedom – physically stops us - Unfair or discriminatory laws included here – ie death penalty Physical Incapacity - physical impairments stop us from doing what we want - Includes situations that are beyond the control of human agency (agency = imp’t in determining freedom) - what about a disabled who uses a wheelchair? What’s the freedom? Rationality - Freedom justified on how rational we are - ie. Restrictions on freedom of children with dementia are justified in pursuit of other goals – protecting them and keeping them safe Psychology - Psychological restrictions – influences by external behaviors Economic Impediments - Government can help freedom – ie. Creating basic standards of living so that those who are under can receive welfare (Canada) Negative and Positive Freedom - Locke “need to be free from government” - Rousseau “government has an obligation to provide citizens with decent level of living” - Negative Liberty = “Freedom From” / area of control - Positive Liberty = “Freedom to” / source of control - US Constitution = Negative Liberty: Bill of rights gives priority to individual’s autonomy (pursue own goals) - Negative and Positive Liberty are protected by UN ; International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights & International Covenant on economic, social, and cultural rights. (1966) - Promote equality to limited extent but still give liberty. Is Freedom Special? - What is our assessment of freedom? Why is it value so highly? Freedom and Cultural Pluralism - Cultural pluralism: situations in which different cul
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