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PSYC 102: Lecture #7

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PSYC 102
David Klonsky

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COMM 292: Organizational Behaviour Lecture #7 Conflict:  Social trap: when conflicting parties rationally pursue their self-interest, but thereby engage in mutually destructive behaviour Psychology of Attraction:  What predicts attraction? o Proximity: mere exposure effect, the more exposure one has to something, the more they are inclined to like it o Physical attractiveness: seen as happier, healthier, more sensitive, more successful, more socially skilled  Different descriptions of people can change the perception/generalizations of others  Not more honest or compassionate o Similarity: attitudes, beliefs, interests, age, religion, ethnicity, education, intelligence, smoking behaviour, economic status  Birds of a feather flock together  Opposites retract Romantic Love:  Passionate love: an aroused state of intense positive absorption in another o Usually present at the beginning of a love relationship o Two-factor theory of emotion: physical arousal and cognitive appraisal of arousal  Role of misattribution theory:  Companionate love: a deep, affectionate attachment we feel for those with whom our lives are intertwined  Keys to a long and happy relationship: equity and self-disclosure o Equity: opinions, roles etc. are treated equally within the relationship o Self-disclosure: people are more open with each other, sharing f
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