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PSYC 102: Lecture #8

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PSYC 102
David Klonsky

COMM 292: Organizational Behaviour Lecture #8  Defense mechanisms: reducing anxiety by unconsciously distorting reality o Repression: banishes anxiety-arousing thoughts, feelings, and memories from consciousness o Reaction formation: switches unacceptable impulses into their opposites o Projection: leads people to disguise their own threatening impulses by attributing them to others Carl Jung:  Collective unconscious: contains images derived from our species universal experiences Karen Horney:  Shared Adler's emphasis on social tensions of childhood  Countered Freud's assumption that women have weak superegos and infantile tendencies Thematic Apperception Test (TAT):  Henry Murray  People express their personality through stories they make up about ambiguous scenes Rorschach Inkblot Test:  Most widely used projective test  Designed by Hermann Rorschach  People express their personality through their interpretations of the blots  How they are interpreted: o Form (how common) o Colour o Use of detail/white space o Motion o Special categories: pairs, reflections, humans/animals morbid  Projective test problems o Is there a way to use this as a test, standardize the test  Being able to score responses about the ink plots o Reliability - consistency o Validity - accuracy Evaluating Psychoanalysis:  Not developed throug
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