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PSYC 102
David Klonsky

Chpt 16 THERAPY I TREATING PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDERS Long history of efforts to treat psychological disorders mix of harsh and gentle methodsReformers Philippe Pinel Dorothea Dix pushed for gentler more humane treatments for constructing mental hospitalsMost mental hospitals emptied in 1950s due to effective drug therapiescommunity based treatment programsTodays therapies classified into 2 categories psychotherapybiomedical therapy Not mutually exclusive therapists combine techniques a patient often receive both Half of all psychotherapists describe themselves as taking an eclectic approach blend of psychotherapiesPsychotherapy treatment involving psychological techniques consists of interactions between a trained therapist and someone seeking to overcome psychological difficulties or achieve personal growthBiomedical therapy prescribes medications or procedures that act directly on the persons physiology Eclectic approach an approach to psychotherapy that depending on the clients problems uses techniques from various forms of therapyII PSYCHOLOGICAL THERAPIESEach is built on one or more of psychologys major theories psychodynamic humanistic behaviouralcognitive Can be used one on one or in groups PSYCHOANALYSISPSYCHODYNAMIC THERAPY Psychoanalysis Sigmund Freuds therapeutic technique Freud believed that patients free associations resistances dreams and transferencesand the therapists interpretations of them released previously repressed feelings allowing the patient to gain selfinsightFirst of psychological therapies Goals o Psychoanalytic theory presumes that healthier less anxious living becomes possible when people release the energy they had previously devoted to idegosuperego conflicts o Freuds therapy aimed to bring patients repressed or disowned feelings in conscious awareness o Helping people reclaim their unconscious thoughtsfeelings giving them insight into origins of their disorders to help them reduce growthimpeding inner conflicts Techiques o Psychoanalysis is historical reconstructiono Psychoanalytic theory emphasizes formative power of childhood experiencestheir ability to mold the adult o So it aims to unearth ones past by unmasking the present o Freud used free association allowing patients to relaxsay aloud whatever comes to mind
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