PSYC 102 Chapter Notes -Bone Density, Libido, Ovulation

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5 Nov 2011
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PSYC 102 Full Course Notes
PSYC 102 Full Course Notes
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Motivation- factors that initiate and direct behavior, usually toward a goal (eg. hunger, sex, $, drug fix) We have motivation + emotion for survival; organisms need to be adaptive (forces us in right direction) Learning theory-blank slate, nothing till conditioned-doesn"t deal directly with emotions. Humanistic theory-only maslow"s pyramid deals with, mostly with order. Instincts-more with animal studies, too many w/ no organization (learning theory say we don"t" have) Internal factors: instinct-unlearned response patterns, controlled by specific triggering stimuli. Darwin said instincts are central factor in human motivation (eg. care for kid, clean self, love) Just because behavior consistent doesn"t mean unlearned and unflexible. William james said 20 physical + 17 mental instincts. No agreement on how to class as instinct, so not good explanation for motivation: drive-needed to initiate goal-directed behavior/motivation. Primary drive-state arising in response to internal need (eg. hunger or thirst) Homeostasis-body wants to maintain steady state (eg. temperature, fluids)