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Chapter 2

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PSYC 217
Rebecca Todd

Chapter 22014916213Where to Start Hypotheses and predictionsHypotheses A statement about something that may be true A tentative idea about how two or more variables relate to each other that is waiting for evidence to support or refute it Sometimes are stated as informal research questions Prediction A statement that makes an assertion concerning what will occur in a particular research investigation IMPORTANT When the results of a study are consistent with a prediction the hypothesis is only supported not proven Sources of IdeasFive sources of ideasQuestioning Common AssumptionsValuable because such notions dont always turn out to be correct Observation of the World Around UsObservation of personal and social events SerendipityPractical ProblemsApplied and program evaluation research TheoriesTheory Consists of a system of logical ideas proposed to explain a particular phenomenon and its r
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