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PSYC 217
Rebecca Todd

Chapter 12014914827Scientific Understanding of Behaviour Methods of acquiring knowledgeIntuitionAccept unquestioningly what your personal judgment or a single story about one persons experience tells you about the world Finding an explanation for our behaviours or for the behaviours of othersExplaining fascinating events that you observeProblem Many cognitive and motivational biases affect our perceptionAuthority Accepting anything learned form supposed authority figures Problem The statement might not be true Skepticism Science and the Empirical Approach Scientific skepticism ideas must be evaluated on the basis of careful logic and results from scientific investigations Empiricism Knowledge is based on structured systematic observationsFour key characteristics guide the process of scientific inquiryMake systematic observationsaccurately report to other scientist and publicothers replicate the methods to check if they get the same results Replication Repeating the research study to be more confident of the resultsSearch for observations that will help them make accurate discoveries about the world Develop theoriesargue that existing data support their theories conduct researchrevise their theories Exchange and competition of ideasFalsifiable the principle that a good scientific idea or theory should be capable of being shown to be false when tested using scientific methods Ex Many Freuds ideas are unfalsifiable
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