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Chapter 11

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PSYC 305
Sunaina Assanand

Chapter 11 NotesHumanistic Psychologythe idea that everyone has the potential for growth and developmentNo one is inherently bad or unworthyPhenomenologicalemphasis on the importance of ones own personal experiencesCarl Rogers the potential for positive healthy growth expresses itself in everyone if there are no strong opposing influencesactualization the tendency to develop capabilities in ways that maintain or enhance the organismSelfactualizationmaintenance or enhancement of the selfPromotes congruence wholeness or integration within the person and minimizes disorganization or incongruenceOrganismic Valuing Processorganism automatically evaluates its experiences to tell whether they are enhancing actualizationFully Functioning Personsomeone who is selfactualizingOpen to experiencing their feelings Trust their feelings Open to experiencing the worldLives filled with meaning challenge and excitement Willingness to risk painA way of functioning not a kind of person adopted by anyone who chooses to live that wayPositive regard People need acceptance love friendship and affection of othersparticularly others who matter to them significant others Positive Regard can come in 2 ways 1 Unconditional positive regard affection given without special conditions 2 Conditional positive regard when affection is given only if certain conditions are satisfied a These conditions vary from case to case b Much of the affection people get in their daytoday lives is conditional Conditions of worthconditions under which people are judged worthy of positive regardPeople act to conform to a condition of worth not because the act is intrinsically desirable but to get positive regard from other people Rogers having conditions of worth applied to us causes us to start applying the conditions to ourselvesWe give ourselves affection and acceptance only when we satisfy those conditionsConditional selfregard Makes you believe so as to fit the conditions of worth youre applying to yourselfSelfactualization more important than selfregard so should get higher priority but the need for positive regard is so salient that its influence is often felt more keenlyConditions of Worth and Conditional Regard choosing your behavior values or goals to get accepted can interfere with selfactualizationConditions of worth arent always imposed from outside can be selfimposedHard to distinguish a true desire from a condition of worth Condition of worth its a precondition for acceptance either by others or by oneselfIs always coercive it pushes you into doing thingsSuch conditions can prevent selfactualizationContingent selfworth conditional self regarduse performance as a condition for selfacceptanceMany forms academic performance appearance etcWhen you fail it will be more upsetting if you have a contingency in that domain and could lead to loss of motivation Holding oneself to these conditions has costs stressful and disrupts relationshipscauses people to be more upset by negative interpersonal feedbackmakes people more likely to become victims of relationship violencekeeps people focused on a particular condition of worth rather than letting them grow freely Selfdeterminationhaving a life of growth integrity and wellbeing means satisfying three needs 1 Autonomy selfdetermination 2 Competence3 RelatednessBehavior can reflect several underlying dynamicsActions are selfdetermined done because they have underlying interest or are of value to youActions are controlled done to gain payment or to satisfy some pressure o Ex you do something because youd feel guilty if you didntPeople stay interested longer when they see their actions as selfdetermined and lose interest in activities when promised a reward for working on themIt isnt the reward that does this but whether people see their actions as selfdeterminedTelling people theyre going to be paid often makes them infer their behavior isnt selfdetermined As a result they lose interestSome circumstances reward increases motivation due to two aspects of a reward 1 Has a controlling aspect tells you your actions are not autonomous 2 Has an informational aspect informs you about yourself 3 Possible for a reward to promote a sense of selfdetermination under the right conditions o If reward impliescondition of worth or implies that youre acting just for the reward then the controlling aspect will stand out and your motivation will fall offIntrojected regulation occurs when a person treats a behavior as a should or an oughtwhen the person does it to avoid guilt or gain selfapprovalDoing well in college bc you dont want to feel guilty about wasting your parents moneySuch behavior is controlled from inside but can also be exerted from outside external forcesIdentified regulation the person has come to hold the behavior as personally meaningful and valuableDoing well in college bc you believe learning is important to your growthIs selfdetermined
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