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PSYC 305
Sunaina Assanand

Chapter 2-Methods in the Study of Personality Gathering Information -look at yourself/introspection or others (problems: distort what you see, can’t get into their head) Seeking Depth: Case Study Personology-study whole person, not just one aspect (Henry Murray) -observe person in natural environment, unstructured interviews -many case studies are also clinical studies (person has problem) Seeking Generality: Studying many people -generality (breadth of applicability) is a continuum Establishing Relationships among Variables -to see if relationship exists btwn variables, must look at more than 1 variable (eg. not enough to say low self-esteem=poor GPA…what does high self-esteem mean?)-can’t do this in case studies Correlation: -in many examples, variables/dimensions go together in a systematic way (look at strength + direction) Correlation coefficient-shows how strong correlation is (1.0 means perfect positive correlation) -negative 1.0 is perfect inverse correlation 0.6-0.8 is strong, 0.3-0.5 is moderately strong, below 0.3 or 0.2 is weak (more scatter) Statistical Significance-the likelihood of an obtained effect occurring when there is no true effect -when probability is small enough, the correlation is said to be statistically significant Clinical/Practical Significance-when correlation is believable (statistical significance) and large enough to have practical importance (eg. can have high s.s. but only account for tiny bit of behavior-low p.s.) Causality-variation i
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