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Chapter 11


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PSYC 305
David King

CHAPTER 11 MOTIVES AND PERSONALITY Summary motives can be used to explain why people do what they do motive explanations are unique in that they imply a goal that pulls people to think actfeel in certain waysmany motives grow out of deficits achievement powerintimacymotive to selfactualize is a growth motive because it refers to the desire to become moremore of what one is destined to become stHenry Murray among 1 to catalog variety of human needshe assumed that individuals differed in the strength of these needsthat the intensity of the needs fluctuate over timein different situations emphasis on how individuals differ from each other in terms of the basic needsneed for achievement is the need to do things betterto overcome obstacles in the quest to attain ones goalsthose with high achievement need differ from those low in this need in preference for moderate levels of challenge tendency to do well in situations where they have controlresponsibilitythe interest in receiving feedback on their performanceneed for power is the desire to have an impact on others to make others respondto dominate others individuals who are high in this need seek out positions where they can influence othersacquire possessions that have markings of power such as sports cars individuals with high need for power prefer friends who are not particularly powerful or popular men with a high need for power may sometimes engage in social influence tactics that are irresponsible or unethical n
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