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Chapter 17


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PSYC 305
David King

CHAPTER 17 CULTUREPERSONALITY How do people from different cultures differ in personality and how are people from all cultures the same What is Cultural Personality Psychology cultural variations within group similaritiesbetween group differences of any sort physical psychological behavioural attitudinal cultural personality psychology has 3 key goals 1to discover the principles underlying the cultural diversity 2to discover how human psychology shapes culture 3to discover how cultural understandings in turn shape our psychology Three Major Approaches to Culture 1Evoked Culture cultural differences created by differing environmental conditions activating a predictable set of responses ex people who live near the equator are exposed to more intense heat sweat more than residents of more northern climatesan environmentally evoked difference that operates on sweat glands Ingredients necessary to explain cultural variations 1 a universal underlying mechanism2 environmental differences in the degree to which the underlying mechanism is activated Evoked Cooperationcooperative sharing is evoked by the environmental condition of high food variance higher degree of egalitarianism when have higher variance in food supplysocial approval for food sharing social sanctions for stinginess everyone has capacity to sharecooperate but cultural differences in the degree to which groups do sharecooperate depend to some extent on the external environmental conditions Early Experience and Evoked Mating Strategiesa consistent pattern of individual differences can be evoked in different cultures pr
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