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Chapter 18


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PSYC 305
David King

CHAPTER 18 STRESS COPING ADJUSTMENTHEALTH Models of PersonalityIllness Connection stress subjective feeling produced by events that are uncontrollable or threatening stress is a response to the perceived demands on some situation interactional model suggests that objective events happen to people but personality factors determine the impact of those events by influencing peoples ability to cope opersonality has its effects on coping responses how people respond to the event opersonality is assumed to influence the relationship between stressillness oex if person were infected with a cold virus but had a Type A personality such that the person would not rest or take time off from work dont do behaviours that needed to quickly recover from the cold this person could become very ill turning cold into pneumonia olimitations researchers unable to identify stable coping responses that were consistently adaptive or maladaptive transactional model personality has 3 potential effects 1 it can influence coping 2 it can influence how the person appraises or interprets the events 3 it can influence the events themselves onot the event itself that causes stress but how the event is appraised or interpreted by the personodifferences in appraisaldifferences in stress experience o3 ptpeople dont just respond to situations they also create situations through their choicesactions opeople chose to be in certain kinds of situations they evoke certain responses from those situationsthey manipulate the people in those situations all in ways that reflect their personalities oex a highneuroticism person may create situations in which others frequently avoid him or her oex a disagreeable person may create interpersonal situations in which heshe gets into a lot of argumentsoappraisalpersons influence on events imply that stressful evens dont just influence persons persons also influence events health behaviour model personality does not directly influence the relationship between stressillness instead personality affects health indirectly through healthpromoting or healthdegrading behaviours opersonality influences the degree to which a person engages in various healthpromoting or healthdegrading behaviours ie practicing safe sex vs unsafe sex oex individuals low in conscientiousness engage in a variety of healthdamaging behaviours like smoking dangerous driving lack of exercise unhealthy eating oconscientiousness is a personality trait that is reliable related to good healtheven predicts living a longer lifemore conscientious about health behaviourspredisposition model personalityillness are both expressions of an underlying predisposition rdosuggests that associations exist between personalityillness because of a 3 variableoex enhanced sympathetic nervous system reactivity may be cause of subsequent illnesses as well as the cause of the behavioursemotions that lead a person to be called neurotic opredispositionphysiological responsivenessillnesspersonality illness behaviour modeloillness is defined as the presence of an objectively measurable abnormal physiological process such as a fever oillness behaviour is the action that people take when they think that have an illness such as going to a doctor oillness behaviours are related to actual illnesses
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