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Chapter 7

Chapter 7.- motivation

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PSYC 307

Chapter 7 motivationThe kinds of things that motivate us vary in important ways across cultures We are motivated to pursue the things we want and to avoid the things we dont want Motivations for selfenhancement and selfesteemJapanese students need motivation by telling them to work harder and not that they are already good Self enhancement motivation to view oneself positively oMany north Americans have strong need to view themselves positivelySelfserving biases tendencies for people to exaggerate how good they think they are oCollege professors view themselves above average oMay be because they are motivated to view themselves positively oNot confined to academics and observed in elementary school children high school and college and working adults Humans are quite accurate about themselves when they encounter incontrovertible evidence eg height difference sports skills People who are motivated to secure a positive selfview are often resourceful enough to figure out a way to get one Downward social comparison comparing your performance with the performance of someone who is doing worse than you Upward social comparison when we compare our performance with someone who is doing better than we are oMore painful Compensatory selfenhancement acknowledge the poor grade you got in class but you Instead start to think about your excellent clarinetplaying skillsDiscounting reducing the perceived importance of the domain in which you performed poorly External attribution attribute the cause of our actions to something outside ourselves in contrast to an internal attribution when we locate the cause within ourselves such as our abilities
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