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University of British Columbia
PSYC 309
Todd Handy

NYT: Primal, Acute, and easily duped: our sense of touch -finger can detect 1 micron bump on surface; eyes: 100 microns -touch is baby’s first sense and senior’s last; even coma patients have skin responsiveness -haptics = touch -exploring tactile illusions: phantom limb, out of body experience -touch different from other senses: it affects the world around you and it is EVERYWHERE on your body rather than on your head close to the brain; touch info goes thru spinal cord -mechanoreceptors: pressure and vibration kinesthetic receptors: where our limbs are thermal receptors: warm or cold nociceptors: pain receptors -we’re good at recognizing objects in our hands but bad at recognizing outlines of things by touch; want weight, texture and thermal info -fooling touch: vibrate bicep tendon  feel like forearm longer watch a rubber hand being stroked while own hand is too  wince when rubber hand hit with hammer Rubbing hands and listening to high pitched noise  think hands are dry, as if producing sound Add prof title -eating is multisensory: taste, sound look, sound, and feel of food affect food perception -blindfold participants bite fresh or stale pretzel (independent variable) then rate it on freshness/staleness and crispiness/softness (dependent varia
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