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Chapter 17

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PSYC 350
Jason Winters

Psyc 350 Chapter 17Commercial Sex Prostitution sex for pay Sex trader a person who exchanges sex for money drugs or other benefits Sex worker a person who engages in prostitution pornography or another sexrelated occupation History of prostitutionIn the old Christian era prostitution is viewed as evil thth The heyday of prostitution was probably the late 18 and 19 centuries th Development of red light districts in the 19 century Box 171 Devadasian Indian temple prostituteTemple prostitution is a widespread practice to date in India and through the Middle East Prostitution is on the declineIntroduction of oral contraceptives and a change in sex attitudes lead unmarried women to become much more willing to have sex with men o Hence men lose incentive to visit prostitutesWhereas 7 of men born between 1933 and 1937 lost their virginity to a prostitute only 15 of men born between 1968 and 1974 did soAlso employment opportunities for women expanded greatly hence the main incentive for women to work as prostitutes also is decreasingMale prostitution is predominant in some areas such as San FranciscoHierarchy of prostitutionStreet prostitution o 3035 of prostitutes work on the streets o Occupy the lowest rank of the prostitution hierarchyo Charge the lowest priceso More likely to be abused to acquire STD more likely to be pregnant o Study shows that street prostitutes very likely to be HIVpositive o Ethnic minorities are greatly overrepresented in street prostitutes o Many female street prostitutes are mothers hence they have no time to take care their childrenFemale male and transgender streetwalkers o Female and transgender prostitutes tend to be in their late 20s while male prostitutes are younger o Prostitution is a better economic prospect for women than for men
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