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Chapter 17

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PSYC 350
Jason Winters

Psyc 350 Chapter 17 – Commercial Sex Prostitution: sex for pay Sex trader: a person who exchanges sex for money, drugs, or other benefits Sex worker: a person who engages in prostitution, pornography, or another sex-related occupation History of prostitution - In the old Christian era prostitution is viewed as evil th th - The heyday of prostitution was probably the late 18 and 19 centuries - Development of red light districts in the 19 century Box 17.1 - Devadasi – an Indian temple prostitute - Temple prostitution is a widespread practice to date in India and through the Middle East Prostitution is on the decline - Introduction of oral contraceptives and a change in sex attitudes lead unmarried women to become much more willing to have sex with men o Hence, men lose incentive to visit prostitutes - Whereas 7% of men born between 1933 and 1937 lost their virginity to a prostitute, only 1.5% of men born between 1968 and 1974 did so - Also, employment opportunities for women expanded greatly, hence the main incentive for women to work as prostitutes also is decreasing - Male prostitution is predominant in some areas, such as San Francisco Hierarchy of prostitution - Street prostitution o 30-35% of prostitutes work on the streets o Occupy the lowest rank of the prostitution hierarchy o Charge the lowest prices o More likely to be abused, to acquire STD, more likely to be pregnant o Study shows that street prostitutes very likely to be HIV-positive o Ethnic minorities are greatly overrepresented in street prostitutes o Many female street prostitutes are mothers, hence they have no time to take care their children - Female, male, and transgender streetwalkers o Female and transgender prostitutes tend to be in their late 20s, while male prostitutes are younger o Prostitution is a better economic prospect for women than for men o Men and transgender prostitutes not likely to get beaten and raped than are women o Male prostitutes also derive more sexual enjoyment and experience orgasm more o Male prostitutes most of the time are independent contractors, while women often worked for pimps o However, pimps have become much less common in recent years Box 17.2 - NYC case study, rotation and shift of prostitutes as a change in technology and urban renewal - Off-street prostitutes can either work for themselves and keep more of their earnings, or work for escort agencies - Having a smart phone can be a signal to clients that they have some “class” - Off-street prostitutes still get beaten by clients (about twice a year on average) Massage parlors/strip joints - Massage parlor: an establishment for massage that may also offer the services of prostitutes o Highly associated with prostitution - I.e., hand job, lap dance - Brothel: house of prostitution o Hard to find anymore, falling out of fashion - Brothels are very common in Nevada Box 17.4 - Prostitution has long been legal in the Netherlands - Brothels are licensed and there’s an active prostitute union Escort services - Escort service: a service that provides prostitutes, generally contacted by telephone - Escorts (call girls): a prostitute who advertises by print, word of mouth, or internet - The actual encounter between escort and client is somewhat ritualized, a script - Many clients want a ‘girlfriend experience’ - When the clients become “regulars”, client and escort may develop more intimate relationship - Top of the prostitution hierarchy o Premier escorts: beautiful and young women that a client can take to dinner or a show without embarrassment - Madam: a woman who manages a brothel or an escort service - Gigolo: a male prostitute who caters to women Good pay as main motive - The motivation to stay in the prostitution field is high, because the pay is pretty solid o Plus, prostitutes often lack education and experience for other occupations - Two kinds of prostitutes depend on high financial income o Those who are addicted to drugs o Those who are transgender Men use prostitutes for many reason - There are a lot, a lot of reasons why man seek out prostitutes o Not attractive, lonely, no partner, sexual orientation issues - Men who have regular partners may seek out prostitutes because their partner does not want to have sex as often as they do
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