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Chapter 17

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PSYC 350
Jason Winters

PSYC350 Chapter 17 Notes SEX AS A COMMODITYRelationship between prostitute and client is brief and loveless and that the payment is for sex onlyProstitutea person of either sex who engages in sex for money Hustlera male prostitute Sex tradera person who exchanges sex for money drugs or other benefits a broader tem than prostitute Sex workera person who engages in prostitution pornography or another sexrelated occupationHistoryHistorically prostitution was viewed as a necessary evilOften called the oldest professionFor millennia prostitution was just about the only way in which unattached women could support themselves ex Mary Magdalene one of Jesuss followers was a reformed prostitute in Christian traditionProstitution has been condemned as fornication throughout the Christian eraEfforts to eradicate prostitution did not begin until the Protestant Reformation of the th16 centuryDriven by moral concerns and by the problems of sexually transmitted diseases th Heyday of prostitution was late18th and 19 centuriesLarge numbers of men migrated to cities where women were in short supplyFirst shelter for prostitutes and vagrant girls opened 3 years later by William Booth founded the Salvation Army in 1865 th Late 19 century most US cities saw the development of redlight districts in which prostitution was tolerated th In the early 20 century coalition of reformers early feminists and health authorities forced most of the districts where prostitutions were legalized out of existence st Epidemics of gonorrhea and other diseases during the 1 World War triggered major campaign against prostitutionProstitution is on the declineProstitution has become less prevalent in the US and other developed nations over the last centuryKinsey estimated mens usage of female prostitutes dropped by 50Collegeregulated men were no longer visiting prostitutes in great numbersHowever Kinseys showed the average unmarried man in his 30s visited a prostitute once every3 weeksFurther major decline in prostitutions in 1960s and its aftermathDue to oral contraceptives and sea change in sexual morality unmarried women became willing to have sex with their boyfriends7 of 1933 and 1937 born men lost their virginity to a prostitute while 15 1968 and 1974 born men did so NHSLSIncreased womens workforce declined their incentive to work as prostitutes during this periodDuring this time opposition to prostitution also declinedCenter for Impact Research Chicago estimated minimum of 1800 to 4000 women work as prostitutes in the Chicago metropolitan area and because this area has a female population of about 5 million the estimate implies fraction of all females in that area that are engaged in prostitution could be less than 1 in1000The fraction in nonmetropolitan areas must lowerProportion of male or transgender prostitutes is significant
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