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Chapter 5

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Jason Winters

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Chapter 5 Attraction Arousal and ResponseSex is usually a predictable sequence of mental and bodily processesoSexual attraction psychological sexual arousal physiological change in genitals sexual response cycleSexual Attraction It Takes Two Page 132Sexual attraction is an erotically charged orientation toward a specific other personSexual attraction is different from liking attraction or romantic loveBeauty is not entirely in the eye of the beholderComponents of attractiveness are not objectiveIn studies more feminine faces are always judged to be more attractive in femalesInconclusive for malesfaces that look very masculine can also look very coldunkindAlthough traits acquired through puberty are considered attractive females that are more babyfaced are also considered attractive perhaps because a large forehead large eyes and a small nose produce positive protective feelings in many adults 30 babyfaced most attractiveBabyfacedness doesnt increase the attraction of males but has a disarming effect that makes them seem more likeable Many AfricanAmerican CEOs have babyfaced featuresmay help overcome stereotypical threatening black ideasSymmetry in the face and body makes one appear to be more attractive sexy and healthyIn evolutionary psychologyscientists proposed the reason symmetry is attractive is because an asymmetrical face is often due to poor genes or an interference during developmentPeople with asymmetrical faces are more likely to suffer from several disorders including extremely premature birth intellectual disability schizophrenia distressCulture influences the attractiveness of bodiesIn general signals of a bodys sexual differentiation under the influence of sex hormonesfertility strength health other reproductive traitsStudies in the US show that women with BMIs around 1822 are preferredBMI preferences vary around the world but are easily changed when people are introduced to a society with different preferencesIt appears that low attractiveness of very underweight women are universalWaisttohipratio WHR The ratio of the circumference of the body at the waist to the circumference at the hip
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